Unfortunately not beer-filled infectious laughter round the bonfire.

We enter this academic year with cautious optimism regarding pandemic restrictions. The UK and Scottish governments have relaxed restrictions considerably compared to last year.

However, the pandemic isn’t over yet, and hence another period of uncertainty awaits.

We recognise you have the right to embrace the new freedoms. But with the ever-increasing rates especially in those our age, it is inevitable we will encounter strife at some period this year.

In order to keep the wider hall community safe, we’re taking the decision to plan exclusively outdoor events for the first few weeks of term.

When the dust settles after everyone’s arrival, we will be better placed to organise large gatherings outwith our premises, including union parties, pub crawls and ceilidhs. The current situation is too turbulent to risk losing deposits and limited committee time over cancelled events.

It is irresponsible for us to run “super-spreader” events and infect half the hall, meaning many need to isolate for the first weeks of academic activity.

You are welcome to enjoy the pubs and nightclubs. We won’t stop you, and encourage safe attendance.

Please remember you have a duty of care to act responsibly, to others and to yourself.

Is one reckless night out really worth two weeks of isolation, when you and your friends could miss out on slightly smaller events and decent tuition in the meantime?

It’s not all doom and gloom. Our freshers’ calendar is looking pretty decent.

Keep yourself alive for the 30-week marathon: don’t sprint.