Eating in Regs:

Regs provides 19 meals per week – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Mondays-Fridays, and Breakfast and Lunch at Weekends. These are served in the dining room on the ground floor, which is very easy to find: through the double doors on the right of the entrance to the Hall. You will, however, need to organise your own weekend evening meals. Meal times are outlined below:


There is usually a cooked breakfast option every morning as well as the option of toast, cereal and a choice of fruit. Lunch is usually three courses and there is also the option of choosing from a selection of rolls and fillings, with dinner normally having four main options plus sides and salad. There is a dispenser for juice and water, and a fully-functioning hot drinks machine.

On the weekends, you need to cook, or eat out of Regs. In the main hall there is one main kitchen on each floor, which is situated next to the stairs down to the Computer Room. This contains a fridge & freezer, sink, oven/grill, toaster, kettle, microwave, and 4 hobs to cook on. On B and C Floors there are also two larger kitchens situated further along the corridor as they are the bigger floors. In the Annexe there is one main kitchen on the ground floor on the “light side” (right hand side) of the building. This is the biggest kitchen in Regs, with 2 fridge-freezers, umpteen cupboards and drawers, two microwaves, two toasters, two sinks, 4 hobs to cook on and 2 oven/grills. Please note that whilst some cutlery/ crockery is provided, it is strongly recommended that students to bring their own.