Regs has a variety of facilities for use by residents. To jump directly to a specific section, use the links below.

Meals | Laundry | Bike Shed | Computer/Study Room | Library
TV Room | Games Room | Sports Equipment | Kitchens

Regs provides 19 meals per week - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Mon-Fri, and Breakfast and Lunch at Weekends. These are served in the dining room on the ground floor, which is very easy to find: through the double doors on the right of the entrance to the Hall. You will, however,  need to organise your own weekend evening meals. Meal times are outlined below:





Mon - Fri

08.15 -09.15

12.30 - 13.30



08.15 - 09.15

11.00 - 13.00



08.15 - 9.15

11.00 - 13.00


There is usually a cooked breakfast option every morning as well as the option of toast, cereal and a choice of fruit. Lunch is two courses and there is also the option of choosing from a selection of rolls and fillings, with the main meal having three options, one of which is vegetarian.

The laundry room is in the basement, and accessible either from the lobby or one of the back staircases. A textual description of the route is not very useful, but you should be shown the location on the first night you arrive, during your room talk. There are 3 washing machines (£1.80 standard, or £2.00 extra-long rinse) and 3 dryers (£1.00), plus a drying room. There is also a drying room in both the annexe and main hall to hang clothes should you not wish to use the dryers. These washing machines and dryers live in some form of warped time-zone (!), as when they say “37 minutes remaining”, you can expect to wait at least 45-50. Finally, they are run and maintained by an external company, so if there is a problem report it to the Residence Manager and they will get it sorted A.S.A.P.

The main hall bike shed is underneath G-floor in the main building, on the side closest to the Bute Medical Centre. Access with bikes is down the ramp from Queens Terrace, though from within hall you can get there through the stairwell on that side of the building. However only G Floor and A Floor residents will be able to open that door (due to noise restrictions) from the outside, so be warned, if you go out that door and close it, you may have to walk round to the main hall to get back in! You can get a bike shed key from the Residence Managers in return for a deposit which is reclaimable at the end of the year. There is also a bike shed in the annexe, located on the “light-side” (right hand side) of the building just past the main kitchen.

The computer room is located on G Floor, next to the exit of the back stairwell. You can use this room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also the study room, with a number of desks - it gets very busy during the exam season!  It contains six networked computers (with Floppy Disk drives and USB ports, if you need to print something) and a laser printer. You require your St Andrews username and password to use these computers, just like any others in the computer rooms around the university. You need to purchase printer credits if you wish to print things out, though new students are given fifty free credits at the start of the year. More can then be bought from the Library I.T. Services Help Desk (or cheaper online on the St Andrews University web page). If there is a problem with either the printer or a computer, notify the Regs Technology Rep (whose contact details will be inside the computer room), who will then come and sort out the problem.


The Library is on the ground floor near the front of Regs, on the corridor leading to the Dining Room. Your resident Librarian is a committee member, so if you need to withdraw an item from the Regs library, see them.  Contact details for the Regs librarian should be found in the Regs library or on the committtee noticeboard opposite the post pigeon holes. This is also where the daily newspapers are put in the morning - these are for use by everyone in the hall, so they should not be removed.

This is on B-floor, just opposite the main stairwell. It includes the TV and DVD player. It is large and contains comfortable chairs and a sofa - as well as the Hall Organ! This is where the video nights and a few other events will take place throughout the year.

This is on the ground floor, behind a semi-permanent partition from the dining room. Access is through the corridor behind the Warden’s office, and the staircase leading to all levels from there. In the games room we have a table-football table and table-tennis.

The sports equipment of the hall has just been expanded and is available to borrow from our Sports Reps. Sign it out and take care of it, because if you lose/destroy it you will be asked to pay for a replacement!

In the main hall, there is one main kitchen on each floor, which is situated next to the stairs down to the Computer Room. This contains a fridge (some have a freezer compartment), sink, oven/grill, toaster, kettle, microwave, and 4 hobs to cook on. On B and C Floors there are also smaller kitchens situated on other parts of the corridor as they are the bigger floors. In the Annexe there is one main kitchen on the ground floor on the light side. This is the biggest kitchen in Regs, with 2 fridge-freezers, umpteen cupboards and drawers, two microwaves, two toasters, two sinks, 4 hobs to cook on and 2 oven/grills. Please note that whilst some cutlery/ crockery is provided, it is strongly recommended that students to bring their own as there is not much, and you do not know whether there will be what you want there.