Social Spaces:

The Library is on the ground floor near the front of Regs, on the corridor leading to the Dining Room. Access to the book cabinets in the library is controlled by the committee, so if you need to withdraw an item from the Regs library, see them. This is also a great place to work in a slightly more social setting. You can collect your mail from the pigeonholes just outside of the library, too – mail is sorted alphabetically by surname.

The library also hosts two of the most precious pieces of furniture in hall – memorials dedicated to two former residents. These are the chess table and the piano, both of which were donated by friends and family. We hope that residents will use them in their honour, and treat them with respect.

The Regs Library is the perfect place to get (some) work done.

The Common Room is on B-floor, just opposite the main stairwell. It includes the TV, DVD player, and whatever games system is currently kicking about. It is large, contains comfortable chairs and a sofa, as well as some tables, so it’s a great place to host larger social events. It also contains the Hall Organ and an out of tune piano, and possibly a keyboard. This is where movie nights, pre’s and after’s, and a few other events will take place throughout the year.

A current and future Senior Student, slacking off after a long and tiring week of events.

The Games Room is on the ground floor, behind a semi-permanent partition from the dining room. Access is through the corridor behind the Warden’s office, and the staircase leading to all levels from there. In the games room we have a table-football table, a table-tennis table, a pool table, and a few vending machines (useful for last-minute mixers and post-night-out snacks). The games room plays host to the vast majority of the Regs Parties, and has acquired a certain reputation for loud music and bad decisions.

Just a few drinks with some friends…